AQUAPRO LLC thanks to its highly qualified professionals is designing, installing, commissioning, adjusting operation modes and settingsfor the preparation of high-quality drinking water, water of various qualities required for thermal power units, heating systems, factories of chemical, metallurgical and other profiles and individual homes.

Washes hot water and steam boilers, boilers and esenjors in a chemical manner and adds chemicals to

prevent the corrosion of the heating contour.


 Installs, adjusts and launches chlorination systems in cities and towns in Azerbaijan.


We build, adjusts and launch drinking water, including chlorination plants in residential



We provide technical service at facilities with water treatment facilities.



In the end, the device is handed over to the customer in good condition. The "Operation Manual" is provided to the customer at the time of delivery, including the exploitation rules, the malfunctions, the removal and other issues.


The heating surface of the hot water and steam boilers is analyzed before and after the chemical treatment by means of endoscopic and the results are presented to the customer.


As customers can be all industries:

  • Boilers
  • Thermal power stations
  • Chemical
  • Petrochemical
  • Dteel mills and other profile factories
  • The owners of houses apartments, and villas, requiring water of different composition.