Doctor of Engineering Professor Mardan Faraj oglu Jalilov

M.F. Jalilov graduated – the Azerbaijan Institute of Oil and Chemistry, the faculty of Power Engineering on the specialty of ‘heat power engineering’ in 1974 with the diploma of distinction, and the Azerbaijan Patent Institute in 1979. He is a representative of a large scientific school in the sphere of development, research and implementation of environmentally sound and cost-effectivaae technologies of water preparation with reduced reagent and waste water consumption, established by the prominent scientist - Doctor of Engineering sciences, Professor Hasan Qulu oglu Feyziyev.
M.F.Jalilov under the scientific direction of H.K.Feyziyev defended his Ph.D. thesis on "Research and development of efficient methods of water chemical desalination" at the Moscow Energy Institute in 1984. He defended his doctoral thesis on "Research and development of water chemical desalination effective technologies at the Thermal Power Stations (TPS)" at the Azerbaijan Scientific-Research and Design Institute of Energy and Survey in 1999.
M.F.Jalilov worked as an assistant professor since 1985, and since 2000 as a Professor of Heat Supply and Heating Equipment of the Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction. Since 2004 he headed the Department of Gas Supplying and Microclimate Ensuring. After the reunification of these two chairs from 2011 to June 2013, he became the head of the department of Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation. M.F. Jalilov was dismissed from his position at his own will in 2013, and currently works as a director of AQUAPRO. 

With his participation in collaboration with the USSR Ministry of Energy it had been prepared, approved, and issued the following "Technical documentations" in the sphere of water preparation, designed for designing institutes and thermal power enterprises:>

1Technical guidance on schemes of water softening with disposal of saline waste water of the water treatment unit. The USSR Ministry of Energy and Electrification , Glavniiproekt, VNIPI Energoprom, AzİSİ, 1983.

2Technical guidance on designing of desalination units with reduced reagent consumption and reduced waste water. Glavniiproekt, VNIPI Energoprom, AzISI, Moscow, 1985.

3Technical guidance on designing of desalination units with reduced reagent consumption and reduced waste water. Moscow, SPO Soyuztechenergo, 1987. 64 pages.

4Methodical guidance on designing of softening units with disposal of saline waste water. Moscow, Ministry of Energy and Electrification , GUKS, AzISI, 1989. 53 pages.

5Methodical guidance on designing of TPS (Thermoelectric Power Station) with a maximum reduction of waste water. VTI named after F.E. Dzerzhinsky AzASU, Moscow.: 1991. 152 pages.

With the participation of M.F.Jalilov there have been designed technological schemes of water preparation units with reduced reagent consumption and waste water, assembled and commissioned, during and after the Soviet period for the thermal power enterprises in various cities of the CIS. These units are currently operating with significant environmental and economic performance at the Thermal Power Centrals (TPC) in Volzhsk, TPC of Gorky Automobile Plant, Moscow TPC-21, Kazan TPC-1, 2 and 3, Minsk TPC-3, Novogorkovsk TPC, Kstovo, some TPC’s of Bashkorstan and other facilities. With his participation at the "North" HRES was commissioned the thermal distillation unit of the Caspian Sea water, the flow chart of which was developed by Professor H.K.Feyziyev. Said unit, in contrast to the traditional ones, allowed the sea water desalination without imported reagents.

With the scientific advice of M.F.Jalilov in KP "Bukhar" were designed and mounted units for using the regenerative energy of sun, soil and air. For the three 4-storey buildings with 30-35 apartments were mounted solar units for the hot water preparation and for their heating. Have also been commissioned the solar units to heat the water in the 250-450 m3 volume swimming pool, and units in individual homes to heat the water in swimming pools and for hot water preparation. First time in Azerbaijan, have been commissioned the unit for using a low potential energy of soil and air to heat buildings with heat pumps and unit for electrical power generation.

M.F.Jalilov offered for many companies the schemes of units to prepare the high-quality drinking water, make-up water for boilers and for preparation of hot water allowing prevent the scale formation. M.F.Jalilov is the author or coauthor of 170 articles published in various scientific and technical magazines, including 15 patents and certificates, 4 textbooks for higher educational institutions, a monograph devoted to water chemical desalination and 5 above mentioned "Technical documentations ".